When i first got to Wishtoyo and saw the tents and the beautiful view of the ocean i had a sense of relief. Mostly because i was tired of being in the bus, just kidding. I was relieved at the fact that i get to see the ocean again and maybe even see some dolphins in the ocean. On the second day of being at Wishtoyo, we went to the Limuw and i Kayaked and Snorkeled for the first time in my life. While kayaking, i was scared because my friend Isaac was messing around and was rocking the kayak and almost made it flip. While snorkeling, i was just scared to get caught in kelp or meet a creature that wouldn’t be that comforting to be face to face with. Snorkeling was fun tho, i saw creatures that i haven’t seen before in person. Anyways on the way to Limuw, i saw dolphins for the very first time in person, and it actually brought a smile to my face. But when we came back, i was upset because of certain events and stayed in my tent, but i would hear the songs that everyone was singing and it was actually calming to me. But overall i am happy to have gone to Wishtoyo again, it brought me knowledge and understanding.43366806492_8a0625b6aa_z


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