The one thing that really stuck to me today was having a tour of pomona college the whole experience was hot but i liked the introduction of a different college. The tour of Pitzer and Pomona made me realize that there are a bunch of options of college’s i might want to go to. The tour guide really made me realize that even if you don’t come from a wealthy like mine if you work had and look for different scholarships you can do whatever you want.

When Auntie Sisquoc came to show us how to make A basket from deer grass, she made me feel more comfortable because i knew her from sherman and would go work with her in Clarke center, but i had never learned to make a basket. At first my basket was turning into a cup shape; so i restarted about three times when i realized that i just had to use my hands to try to mold the basket in to a flatter then round it.                                                                                 41671702290_5bc2327c4e_m.jpg


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