California native games7/18/19

Today was fun but sad at the same time knowing it was our last writing class, Mayan math class along with indigenous games for this year’s summer program. I ended up getting hit in the eye by a stick and the only thing that keep going through my mind was dang our ancestors would have  keep playing. So I was think “your only as strong as you will let yourself be” keep going you can do anything.


Photoshop 7/17/18

When i was thinking of the background for the photoshop project i was thinking i wanted something that was modern and something that is related to my Odawa people so i picked native people collecting wild rice which is one of the foods that is healthy for you and is what my people lived off of.Jacquelyn-Rice (1) copy.jpg

Jacquelyn 7/17/18

The one thing that really stuck to me today was having a tour of pomona college the whole experience was hot but i liked the introduction of a different college. The tour of Pitzer and Pomona made me realize that there are a bunch of options of college’s i might want to go to. The tour guide really made me realize that even if you don’t come from a wealthy like mine if you work had and look for different scholarships you can do whatever you want.

When Auntie Sisquoc came to show us how to make A basket from deer grass, she made me feel more comfortable because i knew her from sherman and would go work with her in Clarke center, but i had never learned to make a basket. At first my basket was turning into a cup shape; so i restarted about three times when i realized that i just had to use my hands to try to mold the basket in to a flatter then round it.                                                                                 41671702290_5bc2327c4e_m.jpg


Today was fun just sitting by the pool with the other kids soaking up the sun. I’ve seen the movie spirt game before but today for some reason the movie was better, i was thinking it was because we got a little insider and more information.


The heat was too hot to be comfortable. I liked the new experiences how we were open to each other and you don’t have to worry about being judged. I loved how we would sit in a circle and talk, just saying little things about our selfs, learning new things about each other.