Santa Cruz Island

It was awesome to be on an island that is protected. Not many people get to experience what we experienced those 3 days that we were there. I loved the snorkeling which was also awesome since I never did that before, kayaking was tiring, even though we got to see bat rays and be close to the cliffs from the kayaks. Overall I learned a lot about the ocean and the islands and it was amazing.


I like to sweat!

Today we sweated which was cool, this would be my 10th time sweating, I’ve been to many different lodges and today’s was a little different. I’m thankful that they made things comfortable for us with the hose which cooled us down, today in the end was awesome

Poetry, Philosophy, and College information.

The best part of the day was listen to the professor talk about the Shakespeare poetry, the way he taught us about it was an amazing experience that makes me want to read more sonnets by Shakespeare!  The book were reading really opens my mind about native science which I find really cool. Today we also were able to talk with the admissions people about college, which has helped me a little since I’ve been walked through the process before, but it was really nice to know what pitzer looks for in a student. The end🙋

Gross Anatomy Lab and More!

     Today we went to western university and participated in a Gross Anatomy. I was here at the program last year, which at that time I also participated in the lab. This time however I asked more questions and was more involved, which is a experience that I won’t forget. This lab is a one in a life time opportunity that I’m glad that every one entered the lab even though they had their doubt’s. I especially found it interesting since I’m considering a career in the health field. We continued our Aztec math class, which now knowing more about it, I will definitely use it in my math class. We also continued our discussion on the politics of surfing, in which we had a awesome discussion, about the overall view of what happened and we expanded on what we learned, over all it was a good day, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store tomorrow.

Surfing and dancing and Science

It was nice that we were able experience and participate in the dance, the trip to western university was also amazing, I learned much about the research that graduate students do, along with the requirements that it takes to become a doctor. How important it is to do good in school to be able to accomplish these things. Also I never realized how cool Myan math is and how complex it is. I wonder what my math teacher would think if I used that on a no calculator test??  We also watched a movie that explained how important surfing was to the Hawaiian people, which is nice to know that their traditions are very important to them.