YooooO bROOO imma miss these kids . Even though i entered the program as a 14 yr old i leave as a 15. I love to thank the mentors, Lahoci, adrian , aolani, alejandro, mixel, my mentor weliyah she went above and beyond for me and i want to thank santos for teaching me mayan math which took me both weeks to understand . My biggest take away from this program was being able to learn another tribes traditions and more of my own. I will apply what i learned in my daily life with the new martial arts i learned .


7-16-18 mj

today i Photoshoped  myself into a road and it was Julia’s birthday we sang to her at breakfast and dinner. i had tons of fun today sadly the program is ending in 4 days even though im gonna miss all of the new friends i made while here, i love all of them so much id rather stay here with the mentors and peers rather than go to sherman but oh well… especially my peers 2 days ago my best friends mom called me and told me that my friend had passed away and i walked into a room of 3 people i felt like crying my eyes out but those three people ended up changing my whole mood and they have created their own special place in my heart im so thankful to be able to meet such wonderful people this summer i wish i could spend more time with themmj

MaryJane’s experience at Wishtoyo


we left campus at either 8 or 9 am and arrived at 12 pm. I was greated by the Chumash people with a welcome song that is shared with the tongva, then we were taken into the welcome ceremony. made our rooms then ate. then walked around. then the next day we went to the island and i had tons of fun i have no regrets  Then we came back to the village and did some other things

OK I am 15 now, today i learned some new mayan math and actually understood it . we learned about video game designing then me and my friends went and chilled at the hammocks while listening to music i had tons of fun after that we went to watch the movie spirit game. I watched alejan do his martial art and now i am heading to pack for wishtoyo

July.6th,2018 10:02pm

Today I had fun while making another dream pillow and learned a new type of martial arts i also made some new friends . During dinner time we sang for someones birthday the boy was really shook…. I had lots of fun it really was a busy day, at the end of the day we ended up talking about who inspires us the most for me my grand-aunt Lorne sisquoc is my inspiration if she wasnt in my life i wouldn’t have learned to make baskets or bead, fancy shawl, be culturally involved, attended Sherman or even be at this program29379045498_5bd0b05e4a_z