Bio- Christa McGowan

Hi my name is Christa and i am from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. The reservation that my family is from is in Kansas, my grandma was born there and so was my mom but she only lived there for a few months and then moved to California. I was born in Covina, California and I am 16 years old. I am turning 17 on Thursday XD. I Have 2 brothers, Johnny who is 14 and Tommy who is 18.

Chief White Cloud

Hmm, a story about my tribe is that if you look on a map you can see that there are 2 reservations for the Iowa Tribe, one in Kansas/Nebraska and another in Oklahoma. the Northern and Southern Tribe. The reason this is is because when settlers moved us from the state of Iowa to Oklahoma there were two chiefs. They were twin brothers named White Cloud and No Heart, White Cloud wanted to move back north to Iowa and No Heart wanted to stay put. The Tribe ended up splitting up and  White Cloud moved North to Kansas and Nebraska because he got stopped half way there and was put on the reservation in the bottom right-hand corner of Kansas and the upper right-hand corner of Nebraska. Also my tribe’s name is the Ioway but you can also say Iowa.


Hey Everyone! I know i haven’t posted in a while so this post should fix that 🙂 so I have my summer chalk full of stuff, I got accepted into UCR’s native pipeline and I am also attending Cal Poly’s Native Youth Leadership Program XD I also have to go to summer school but that’s ok, for some reason I do much better in a summer school environment than in regular school time : / maybe its the smaller classes? anyway I’ve noticed all the exciting stuff that’s going to be in the pipeline this year, I can’t wait to see everyone! so i’ll see you all soon, keep in touch!


A small victory but a great one none the less 😀 I talked to my history teacher about handing out informational sheets about Native Americans concerning the Native Boarding Schools and Native Genocide and he agreed to lat me pass them out tomorrow XD Wish me luck and thank you Gina for your idea!!

History Class

This happened to me a month ago and I just thought I would share this experience with everyone.

In my history class we were talking about the genocide and the holocaust of the Jewish people and the genocide in Vietnam and the Rwanda genocide. My teacher was talking about all these things and I thought that he was for sure going to mention what happened here in America, but he didn’t. After class I went up to him and I recommend watching the movie Older Than America that explained the small part of what happened to Native people, I told him it was about the cultural genocide of Native American people and that we lost over millions of people, more than the Holocaust in Germany. What he said to me was really astonishing, “Well it wasn’t really a genocide. What happened in Germany was a genocide, they (Jewish People) had no way to fight back. Here in America the Indians fought back, and when they lost they were moved to reservations. Only, probably a million or two, died during the expansion of the west.” In my mind I was speechless. I simply replied, “Well I still recommend that you watch this movie.” he smiled and said, “Absolutely.” I said my good-bye and walked away from the classroom feeling sad, angry, and very upset. I was so upset that when I tried talking to my little brother about it, I started crying. I was asking my brother “How could it not be a genocide?! There were over 20 million of us here before the colonist came, and by 1970 there were 260,000. Where did they go? They didn’t move to Hawaii or any other place, they were gone, killed, how do you not call that genocide?”

I hope that everyone could have an open mind and try to learn the real history of how this great nation was made and what it was founded upon.

Conversation of the Day

I walk into my brothers’ room to see what they are doing. I find my little brother, Johnny, with an electric mop/sweeper thing cleaning the floors. Everything is picked up and spotless.

Me: What brought on this revolution?

Johnny: Nothing. What are you talking about?

Me: Never mind. What are you doing?

Johnny: Cleaning.

Me: Why?

Johnny: Because mom told me to.

Me: Really?

Johnny: Yeah.

Me: Are you getting paid by mom?

Johnny: No. Why would some one need to pay me to clean my own room?

Me: Because your evil like that.

Johnny: **Evil Smile**