Mentor – Christa McGowan

I would like to introduce Christa McGowan as a 2015 Pipeline Program mentor!

Christa McGowan Pic


Hello, My name is Christa McGowan. I am currently a junior at Chaffey College and I am
studying Technical Theatre. I am working towards a Certificate in Technical Theatre and an AA in Theatre Arts. I live in the city Claremont and I come from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. For the past 4-ish years I have been a participant in Pitzer College’s Native Pipeline. I have many interests including art (I like drawing, painting, writing, reading, interacting with music, and watching movies/plays), video games (mostly PC/XBox360 games like League of legends, minecraft, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Amnesia), and I love the outdoors such as hiking and biking. I consider myself to be a traditional, fun-loving, and creative person. I hope we can all get along and create many new connections through our Pipeline Family!


Bio- Christa McGowan

Hi my name is Christa and i am from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. The reservation that my family is from is in Kansas, my grandma was born there and so was my mom but she only lived there for a few months and then moved to California. I was born in Covina, California and I am 16 years old. I am turning 17 on Thursday XD. I Have 2 brothers, Johnny who is 14 and Tommy who is 18.

Chief White Cloud

Hmm, a story about my tribe is that if you look on a map you can see that there are 2 reservations for the Iowa Tribe, one in Kansas/Nebraska and another in Oklahoma. the Northern and Southern Tribe. The reason this is is because when settlers moved us from the state of Iowa to Oklahoma there were two chiefs. They were twin brothers named White Cloud and No Heart, White Cloud wanted to move back north to Iowa and No Heart wanted to stay put. The Tribe ended up splitting up and  White Cloud moved North to Kansas and Nebraska because he got stopped half way there and was put on the reservation in the bottom right-hand corner of Kansas and the upper right-hand corner of Nebraska. Also my tribe’s name is the Ioway but you can also say Iowa.


Hey Everybody! I hope you are all doing well and settling in to take on the new school year! I heard, for those of you who went, that the College fair was awesome! WHAT ELSE DID YOU DO? I am sorry I couldn’t make it, I was attending a Pitzer Faculty(the professors) retreat talking about DIVERSITY and Affirmative Action Issues! Real complicated stuff (I’m still trying to figure it out! lol). I hope you got to meet Carlos! He is a Pitzer Freshman who will be helping Scott and I and will also be a mentor to all of you! Carlos is an awesome dude! There will be some more Pitzer Students this year that will be joining us on our Pipeline Journey! Please LOOK out for Announcements from Us about the SAT, Cal Grants, FAFSA, and More! I am eager to see you all soon!