last night was so fun! i really enjoyed everyone’s talent. and i loved how everyone was fearless and they had courage and danced and sing it was so fun! but my neck is killing me today its all that head banging we all did last night but it was worth it :o)  and Jess and Manny.. you guys rocked that mic!!


that museum was very interesting. i loved it cause it was like a maze and i got lost a couple times but that just made it more fun:) i think the best part of the museum was the gun corner. cause they were very pretty and shiny and the same with the sky dreamers that was very amazing seeing what we stared off with to what we have now. but yeah i had fun. thank you:)

i really like how they compare two different groups of people. the people taking the wrong way and the people taking the right road.

moms. :/

i made the second biggest mistake any teenager can make.. leaving their ipods with some one like your mom who doesn’t really know how it works. i found out today that she “accidentally” erased all of my songs >:[ and now she cant get them back on.   and i had all my songs on there. 😛 and I’m like “mom, i told you not to do erase anything”..”well i wanned new songs your song are getting old.” so that’s what i get for leaving valuable stuff behind ….moms. what can we do. i still love her:)

home siick??

I MISS HOME!! well i miss my dirt bike and my dog… only cause my brother was telling me how they went out in the hills and just thrashed the bikes (got them all dirty in mud) and going on night hikes and my dog Ziggy misses me.. and i miss her terribly:(   anyone else feel the same?? what do you miss??

the trip to the college was very interesting. when we went into the lab i actually got scared. cause everywhere we looked there was a dead body and it felt really weird being around them. but never in my life i would ever think i would hold a heart lungs and a brain now i get to go home bragging about it:) the statues were pretty weird to only cause they look so life like. i felt a little creep-ed out cause every time we saw one that movie Manikin  kept popping in my head. but other than that today was a really fun day:) and i got my rock star!!!

when i saw this movie it reminded me about my papa (great grandfather) because i remember him telling me he was forced to go to Sherman in his teen years, and it was a struggle to stay alive. he doesn’t really like to talk about it but when he does he only talks about how he was treated. he would tell me that he was spit on, slapped, and was always called names. but he said no matter how hard they tried they never broke him and he never gave in. the biggest struggle that him and his family had was food. (this is my favorite story) when him and his brother were kids they would go into the watermelon patch and lay flat as they can and eat watermelons. but the people who grew the watermelons had shotguns and would shoot any one who would trespass. so once they here the gun click they would shove watermelons down their shirts and run smiling till the people stopped tracing them.  the same with cows, at night they would go into a farm and just take a cow and have it for dinner the next night. and to think he risked his life just to eat.  my papa is still alive he is about 79yrs old and i hope to get more stories from him because even if they bring bad memories he would still laugh and say “damn i was crazy, i don’t know how I’m still alive” and it would make me laugh because hearing the stories he was crazy. there’s this one story where him and his brother tried to fly a cardboard box airplane off a 2story house with them sitting in it.  my papa is a very interesting man and is the best story teller.