Catch Up Day – 2 Blog Posts for Today!!!!

Hi everyone – since it’s been awhile since we have been able to post on the blog…let’s try to do two posts this evening.

POST #1:

 Wishtoyo Chumash Village.   Your Hosts:  MATI WAIYA and LUHUI ISHA.  

Uncle John Moreno •  Uncle Ray – Traditional Crafts  •  Joe Clues – Sacred Geometry  • Nana & Sergio delicious food!  Traditional Archery  •  Rachel and Kote – Climate Change  •  Surfing

Steve Newcomb – Film:  “Doctrine of Discovery”


POST #2:  

Ben Florio – Music Scoring for films and video games 

Hector Pacheco – Indigenous Games  •  Writing & Common App  with Shelva Hurley  

•  Aztec Math: Candonache   • Talking Circle Josie Montes and  Candonache





Gina says: Hello NY2C Students 7.15.17!

Hi everyone,  I just want to touch base and say what a great job you are doing with your blog posts!!!  I see many of you really pushing to develop your critical thinking and the power of your voice!!!! Soooo very impressive!

Genna is leading again this evening and I will see you Monday up at Wishtoyo.  I am having Genna screen a short “Injunuity” animation about the Influence of the Six Nations Confederacy on The United States system of Democracy.   I am hoping it will connect with some of the issues brought up in Spirit Game film and will prepare you for the “Doctrine of Discovery”  film you will see Monday evening at Wishtoyo. “Injunuity” is Native American produced series of animations utilizes documentary interviews with  contemporary indigenous activists, youth, elders etc… and then animates their stories.  Here is a link to an interview with the director if you want to know more.

There are many ways to tell stories, film, physical theater, ceremony, dance, poetry, some of these forms you have experienced here in the program. You all have important and amazing stories to tell and I am glad you sharing your stories and writing with us!

Write about your day and how what you do here in the NY2C program connects to your own personal story!

Here is a playlist for all of the “Injunuity” short films


7.11.17 – NY2C First Day Prompts!!!!!

– How does it feel to be in a new place with people who are from many different cultures and backgrounds?
– Why are you here?
– If you are returning, why did you choose to come back?
– What part of the program are you most excited about?
– Most nervous about?
– What do you hope to learn over the next few weeks?
– Who is your mentor and what is one thing you have learned about him/her so
– What was your favorite part of the day?
– What did you do with Aunty Julia Bogany today?
–  What do clapper sticks mean to you?
– Julia asked you about who you walk with, who inspires you, who guides you, would you like to share about this important person(s) in your life?

Blog Post for Wednesday August 3rd – Reflections on Wishtoyo and Limuw

Reflect on your visits to Wishtoyo and Limuw Island

  1. Talk about what you learned and what first time experiences happened while there and what they meant to you.
  2.  What is your biggest “take -away”  from Wishtoyo?
  3. What is your biggest “take -away” from Limuw Island?
  4. How did the learning from both places/perspectives compliment and contrast each other?

Anything else you want to add …



Blog Reflection July 25th

TODAY: Indigenous Games  with Hector Pacheco • Writing Common App with Shelva Hurley and Lynda Estrella •  Native Food with Elder Kim Marcus • Building an Alter with Rose Portillio.


What comes to mind while making your own food from  the source today – getting to know your food intimately .

What food traditions do you have in your family or culture that have special meaning or memory for you?

Blog Post for Sunday July 24th

  1. Reflect on the talk today  by Joe Parker on Idle No More
  2.  Reflect on the talk by visiting elder Saginaw Grant
  3.  What is an issue that you are passionate about and what is the change that you would like to see (in yourself, in your community or in the world)?



Reel Injun

Hi everyone – If you were interested in the talk that Tory Mudd gave  yesterday about images of Native Americans in Hollywood movies – you should watch Neil Diamond’s film,”Reel Injun”.  One of the ways we can counter mis-representations of Native Americans in film and the lack of Native representation in films is to seek out films by Indigenous directors and filmmakers. Neil Diamond is Canadian from the Cree  community of Waskaganish.  I am posting a trailer of his film here – enjoy 🙂 (We have a full Copy of the film on dvd)