“In Whose Honor”? : “American Indian Mascots in sports” by Jay Rosenstein

This movie was a tough thing to watch cause I know to this day there are still people out there that are, from my point of view, is that the are basically disrespecting our culture and I say “our” because there not picking with one particular tribe they are mess-in with all tribes and I’m happy that there are people out there as well that are supporting Indian culture but when I see someone who is going through pain such as having their hair pulled out because she sees something that needs to be fixed and watching this film truly broke my heart and in somewhat sickened in a way of almost feeling discarded to a point of realizing that we are living with people who despise Native Indians and its said in the movie “Indians are human beings NOT mascots”…

…enough said.


“In Whose Honor”

Today in class we watched a documentary called “In Whose Honor.” While watching I would say that there were some strong feelings brought up by the issues portrayed in the film. What I noticed about the people in favor of “The Chief” is that they were mostly ignorant of the topic at hand. There was a lack of understanding, but more than just lacking information, it was a lacking of empathy towards the people who are hurt by this showing of a fictitious Native Chief.
If ever I had to sum it up in a few words I’d say that racism through ignorance is still racism.
Now I have to ask, what did any of you feel about this movie? Did it bring up any anger, or perhaps any sadness? What do you feel about these people supporting “The Chief” and their arguments for keeping him?
There are no wrong answers, just how you feel.

In Whose Honor

Today we watched a documentary that features Charlene Teters. The title of this documentary was “In Whose Honor” and it was about the mascot issue that Charlene had endure when she was at the University of Illinois. This film was a heavy topic and it made me feel bad watching it because of how the people, who did not understand why the mascot issue is a problem,treated Native Americans. My heart goes out to those that have had to go through things like this so that I might not of had to… even tho we have not completely made it to a point where racism is not extinct I can say that the activist work that others have done before  has helped out. This documentary hits me because I have experienced the whole mascot controversy in my lifetime. In college I had a public speaking class and I presented this issue and I had to defend my argument more than any other student. It was mind blowing how many students commented saying that the mascot issue made no sense because it is not offensive… but how can something that makes me feel like nothing and feel this horrible… not be offensive?


In Whose Honor?

That movie was really upsetting because people are so uneducated about native americans. So to see how these people are treating us gets me flustered and just overall angry. At one point i almost had word vomit and stopped myself from calling a man in the movie a “something” bag. But then i’d be no better than them, so we can only forgive and continue to fight for our rights because they don’t know what they do is wrong and offends people deeply.