today in class Mr.Scott showed us a video about people overly using native cultures, We’ve noticed that they think their respecting our culture but in reality they were being racist to us. I have no threat against these people but I know that it is dishonorable. In the clip a married native woman named Charlene Teters came to the University of Illinois as a graduate, she stayed for awhile and never been to a game, so she took her children to a Illinois basketball game their mascot came as a white man in a Indian costume and dancing gymnastics, she and her children were very offended by this event. she started to revolt against the University but she never succeeded so she traveled to other universities that overly use Native culture and revolted against them as well, while she was continuing on this revolt she gained a couple of natives too. This clip really inspired me, I really want to know more about my Navaho, Apachi, and my Hawaiian side (I don’t know if I spelled it right lol) :3
~Jessica Chang~


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