Hi All…I want to thank you all for posting insightful and powerful comments about the documentary, “In Whose Honor?”. I am truly moved by what each one of you has written.  “In Whose Honor?” a hard documentary to watch, because it so painfully portrays how common ignorance leads to expressions of blatant racism in our society.  And…when racism is embedded in popular culture icons/mascots and sports teams, that large groups people are invested in, it can blind people to the possibility of individual change and awareness,  even if causes tremendous harm to others…hard to stomach at this point in history!

On the positive side, this film is inspirational in it’s portrayal of the work of Charlene Teters, a powerful contemporary artist and activist.  By enacting her individual protest and resolve she bravely demonstrates how one person can raise awareness about an unspoken issue and inspire others to speak out against discrimination whenever it pops up in any way that we can.

I though you may be interested in a video produced by New Mexico Public Television that updates the “In Whose Honor?” doc.  The video is narrated by Charlene Teters, and it tells some of the same story, but in the second half, Charlene talks about her work as a contemporary artist, and how her art practice has been influenced by her activism on the mascot issue, you get a chance to see some of her artwork and hear her philosophy on navigating life and identity in a world where ignorance an racism exist.  You can also find more information about Charlene Teters and see images of her artwork at her website: http://www.charleneteters.com/Welcome.html

You all are do amazing work and I will see you on Sunday.

– Gina


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