Beginning of the End of the Program: Tyvon Greyeyes

Sadly this day marks the beginning of the end for Mayan Math, Indigenous Games, and even Blogging. First I’d like to thank our elders Julia, and Mahti, our teachers Santos, Shelva, Angela, and Val for the life changing information that will benefit me in the future. We learned about Environmental Law, Applying for College, Mayan Math, and many more interesting topics that I will do my best to apply to my tribe and local community. The most impactful thing that I learned from this program was environmental law because it shows how much we need to improve the quality and beauty of our Mother Earth. Another topic that impacted me was when Bradley Henson came for a presentation about how we can mix western medicine with traditional medicine which opened my eyes to new ways to help our communities. Finally I’d like to thank all of those who provided this crazy fun experience for me and overall be my friends and teachers throughout the program.




Ja-Rey in her element


My best friend was shipped in last night to start the NY2C program a whole week late. Yeah a whoooole long week but she was at another summer camp so ya know it was all good. This passed week we had been disconnected from the world obsessed with speed and slowed down a bit to ground ourselves with the love of culture. We were invited to Wishtoyo and got to stay 4 great days on the restored village site of the Chumash people. I cant even begin to explain the amount of love I felt leaving those lands on our final day.  Those who have dedicated their lives to the culture and who took time to greet and care for us those 4 days are the most amazing people I have every meet. We did so many activities, like kayaking and snorkeling on Limuw island which is the origin place of the Chumash people. through all of that my most beautiful memory d at Wishtoyo is spending many hours of the day learning Chumash native songs and stories. sitting in front of the fire offering prays  was the best night. It reminded me of the pwoer within our culture and ourselves. It was an amazing experience and ooooh i slept outside every night too. (fun fact: you cant see the moon because of light pollution from the city)

Joseph’s experience for the day.

Today we had a three hour workshop with game design and which we created our own game with we could play with a modified version of a modern day game. We also watched  an indigenous movie which the title was Spirit Games Pride of the Nation. This was a touch movie and was very heartwarming that this nation still plays there traditional games just like mine. What we where told was the Iroquois have there own passports but are not nationally recognized by the USA and Canada. This is one thing that I have learned today.

Natalie – Spirit Games (Day 4)

Today I watched a movie called Spirit Games: Pride of a Nation. It was a movie about an Indigenous nation and it’s passion for the sport of Lacrosse. Although it was a movie about sports, it was way more than that. To me the movie meant community and love for one another. Throughout the movie the Indigenous nation maintained community and communication which helped the Lacrosse team win games. This movie really moved me because it showed how the nation is respected as a sovereign nation, which is something that many other nations struggle with.

Benjamin’s 4th day back!

Today was a good day for all that we done and accomplished. We started off with our writing class but I ended up in the wrong class. Even though writing isn’t mt best subject, I still had fun with it. Next we studied the Mayan math and it was fun in there but it got hot fast. The highlight of my day was when we watched Spirit Game; Pride of the Nation. This was my second time watching this movie and I still get nervous about it. The movie was really good and it taught me about a background of La-Cross. All in all it was a great day and I’m very excited for Wishtoyo tomorrow!

Capturing the spirit in “Spirit Game” by James Fenelon

The movie “Spirit Game” captures the ancient practice of Iroquois Native Americans in what most interpret as Lacrosse. While the developing of what we know as Lacrosse is an interesting story, the movie displayed the struggle of modern day Iroquois Natives trying to be represented properly in the very practice which originated from them. Oppression among many Indigenous communities still happens today and this movie brings one of those major issues to light.

Ja-Rey sweats and protects

so honeyyyy, 

Today we were giving the opportunity to play an indigenous game called Mexica flower wars. The objective of the game was to capture the warriors who were carrying sacred staffs by touching the tops of their opponents heads. It really wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The day before we learned how to protect over self using indigenous martial arts.  we learn to block our heads and our stomachs but also learned how to move energy. Our instructor, Hector Pacheco reminded us how disciplined our ancestors were by cultivating a focus atmosphere within the students. He taught us the knowledge behind the game and how those with the sacred staffs represent future generations. The goal for the team was to protect the new generation and to listen to those of the future. Participating in Mexica flower wars built a stronger sense of community at the NY2C program between the students. We were able to communicate with each other and focus our energy on one purpose. From this we would be able to apply the same skills we learn during the game to help enrich our communities. Being able to organize and communicate with people in our community allows use to cultivate the energy and discipline we need to create a more inclusive future for indigenous people all over the world. I had a good time though it was so hoooot up in there. it was funny also, I can’t wait to learn a lot more about…. everything. 

Flower Wars by James Fenelon


With the name “Flower Wars” there is inherent feeling that there might be an aggressive tone to the game. This is not the case. Flower Wars is a fun game that has two teams compete in a team building manner. As we would play, it was easy to observe that one of the objectives of the game was to give support to your team where it was needed. You couldn’t succeed in beating the other team unless your team was great with supporting one another. These positive messages should included with our policies regarding the environment. If we do not support endangered species then it is possible the whole ecosystems could collapse ultimately hurting us and the environment. This also related to the mistreatment of indigenous communities in that we are hurting people that are on our own team, humanity.