The Spoken Words

1) The common application is helpful by showing the school that you want to apply to’s prompts ahead of time so you know what kind of questions to answer. It’ll show you what they want in a student and how much the college costs.

2) Students need to prepare by finding all your important materials like social security, grades for all four years of high school, birth certificate, etc..

3) It’s important to research colleges before you apply because you can find what you need and call the lines for questions you may have. Asking questions for scholarships or anything like that is very important.

4) It’s important to write a strong essay so the Board of Admission can get a feel for what you aspire to be and get a feel for you as a person. The more they get to know you ahead of time the better. Some tips for writing a great essay is to include as much detail of you as possible. While adding some of your personality to the story. Not too much though.

5)  Some tips for telling your own story is to make sure it comes from the heart. Give it some emotion the readers can feel. Not too much feel though, don’t wanna creep them out.


Three aspects of indigenous Culture/Community that prepare you to be successful and lead a meaningful life are songs, ceremony, and ancestors. I picked each of those because songs can motivate you to do magnificent things you may or may not know you can do. Ceremony is important because its a daily reminder to be grateful for everything you have because you might not wake up tomorrow. It sounds morbid, I know, but its true. Ancestors are the most important thing that prepare me for everything because it reminds me every day for all that they’ve done to put me on this earth today. I have all of those to be grateful for and help me prepare me for everything. It prepares me to give back to my community because I have all that to be grateful for and I would love to give it back. Return the favor for all they’ve done for me.

Returning Home

1) I did my best to make the dog bane rope, but I just don’t have the patience for it. It was too little and too fragile for me. Instead I made a hummingbird pendant out of abalone. It was hard because I didn’t know what to make before I made it into a hummingbird. That was pretty fun because the abalone has to speak to you with what it wants to become. In my case, a hummingbird. I also made a wansak which is a clapper stick made of elderberry. I thoroughly enjoy making those because because they’re not fragile and they’re quite simple to make. The only hard part about making them is what designs you want to put on it.
2) Everything resonated with me because they’re the teachings of my people. I love my uncles, aunties, and elders that are able to teach me these things. I’m very grateful these traditions are able to be passed down. So very grateful. I was home where I can learn everything best.

3) My favorite cultural experience was seeing my culture flourishing within other natives. I’m ecstatic and so grateful that we’re able to share these traditions. There aren’t words in the entire dictionary that could describe how grateful and happy I am about Humliwu (Hoo-mali-woo). The village of Malibu. I was able to spend time with my mom and my sister which I haven’t been able to do for more than a week. It was a most excellent and bodacious time. I love Wishtoyo, my family, my culture, Uncle Mati, Auntie Luhui, and all the elders. Thank you so much for all you’ve done.


Shaving the Acorns

1) My favorite part of cooking with Kim Marcus was shaving the acorns of the tanic acid which is poisonous to humans.

2) My job was to cut prickly pear and that was a snack to everyone in the program. They were actually pretty good. It was beneficial because it had antioxidants.

Finding A New Dance

1) Things I miss about home are my family, my comfy bed (not that these beds aren’t comfortable), and my dog.

2) What makes it hard is nothing really. I don’t really have a problem being home. I do miss my family though. That’s the first thing I would  miss.

3) One thing that is great about being away from home is kind of being away from everything.

4) Today, we did our acting class which consisted of a version of head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and hand shake statues, in our English class we read and did a little bit of poetry, in our college applications we wrote our stories, in our Western University class the University recruiter came and explained their medical applications. After Western University we went to Mt. Baldy and met up and danced with the Tongva people of the area. It was an ice breaker for me because I don’t dance. At all. But it was fun nonetheless.

The Museum of Hurt and Knowledge


2) Fusing my culture and marine biology is very important. When you think about the ocean and my culture you realize that the ocean is our mother. In my culture we got a huge amount of our materials from the ocean. Shells, tar, kelp bulbs, and some of our food. There’s probably way more, but I can’t think about them off the top of my head at the moment. Using marine biology I could help protect and help our future youth’s opportunities of gathering these materials.

3) My day went pretty well. Woke up and played an absolutely intense game of volleyball (intense for it being early for some of our pro girls). After that we went to Pomona College and went to the museum under the building. The building had amazing artifacts and we were glad someone is keeping them safe and in tact. We were hurt and frustrated at the same time because we want them back where they belong. I really hope some day in the future those artifacts get back to where they need to be. After that we went back to Pitzer and went to our college application  class. One of our mentors was more then generous for sharing what her application for the college she;s going to. The Western University class was very interesting today. Not that it usually isn’t, we made our posters about the part of Diabetes they assigned us. Today was a nice and successful day. Thank you.

The Day to be Excellent to Each Other (Every Day)

1.) Some resources that I can use to help me go to college are some people in my community, my brothers (ultimately close friends), my family, and my Pitzer family. They support me in every way possible.

2.) My freshman mentors at my school are helping me prepare of what’s to come in high school and what exactly colleges are looking for. Same with Pitzer. They’re giving me more information than my freshman mentors. Waaaaaaayyyyy more info.

3.) I’m helping myself by preparing myself mentally by keeping myself up to date with I’m going to study in college.

4.) I will help and encourage my friends and siblings to go to college by telling them and recommending that they find a program like Pitzer or Pitzer itself.

5.) Today instead of exercising, all the guys helped prepare breakfast for everyone. Juan, Tecpatl, and I made blueberry pancakes for everyone. ‘Twas an excellent breakfast of champions. In our English class we drew pictures of idols that could’ve been someone better than they are right now. A way back Wednesday our Shakespeare teacher from last year came back with some more Shakespeare, but was a little bit more darker this time. Our elders talked about the missing and murdered indigenous women again tonight. It was very meaningful and sad, but its the truth that needed to be said.

The Odds Never Cease to Amaze Me

The things that can push away and make it hard for Indigenous youth to go to college are poverty, themselves, bad decisions, friends, and the culture itself.

Well, I started off the day with a good game of basketball for our daily exercise. Joe The Amazing made us an absolutely amazing breakfast (lives up to his name). It consisted of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, bagels, and warmed up some tortillas. ‘Twas an excellent breakfast. In our acting class with Rose the Courageous (she has a bird named Courage) made us do an activity that really showed who each of us were. She had each of us decide which animal we were of the ones on each side of the class room. The animals were a rabbit, a hawk, a turtle, and a tiger. In our English class we focused on making adjectives even more descriptive by describing them with words from the five senses. We researched into colleges and saw which ones we might want to apply to. We researched and talked about our tribe’s hereditary illnesses. Last but not least, our elders talked to us about a very important subject. Indigenous youth selling their bodies for school, survival, and kids. It was a very important message. Thank you everyone for an amazing da.

Pool Party


Why college is important to me:

1. Provides opportunities to give back to my community through helping in the field of Biology and native land rights.

2. My people have suffered a great deal, and it would be a disservice to who I am and what I stand for if I did not strive to try my hardest and succeed in every way possible.

3. I want to succeed in life

4. Giving back to my people has always been a priority for me.