Wednsday is the new Thursday

So yesterday the pipeline students and the Japanese girls did an awesome talent show which sorta turn into a party cause everyone started pushed the chairs to the side and then started to dance so Thank You to all the people who participated, and so Wednesday is the new Thursday cause that music beat will continue in Native Narnia tonight. ;p

Universal Ahhhyyyeeahhh DOG!!!

Muwahahahahahahaha!!!… Well, days here at Pitzer has been a fun roller coaster ride, yesterday Scott talked to some awesome people and got us V.I.P. passes to Universal Studios and I’m very thankful so, THANK YOU SCOTT!!! We appropriate all the mentors who helped in this program. It was a fun day my favorite part was when me, Monica, Christa, Elka, and Kapele all went into the House of Horrors 0_0 and we also got to meet some important people though they said a lot but I didn’t quite understand everything but that’s why we have mentors if we have any question later on and what I mean by that is sometimes questions come to me after the speaker left so I have no idea where I’m going with this so I’m just gonna ya know go now


“In Whose Honor”? : “American Indian Mascots in sports” by Jay Rosenstein

This movie was a tough thing to watch cause I know to this day there are still people out there that are, from my point of view, is that the are basically disrespecting our culture and I say “our” because there not picking with one particular tribe they are mess-in with all tribes and I’m happy that there are people out there as well that are supporting Indian culture but when I see someone who is going through pain such as having their hair pulled out because she sees something that needs to be fixed and watching this film truly broke my heart and in somewhat sickened in a way of almost feeling discarded to a point of realizing that we are living with people who despise Native Indians and its said in the movie “Indians are human beings NOT mascots”…

…enough said.