Jarrod’s 3rd Day :D

Today, I learned the importance of communication and strategy through the Mexica Flower wars by how the first round my group didn’t know what to do because we were not led properly and we were basically running around like headless chickens. On the second round on the other hand, we were coordinated and actually communicated with each other, and that led us to a victory. Communication and strategy actually makes a big difference in your team if you are actually willing to listen.

In Angela’s class, we talked about environmental issues and Law issues. With the environmental issues we talked about oil, cultural land and pollution. With laws we talked about discrimination and how some law enforcement is not always good.

Day 3 at Pitzer! By: Benjamin

Today we played the Mexica Flower Wars with Hector. It was a great way to communicate, bond, and listen to everyone’s idea on what to do so we can strive. Earlier that day we talked about Indigenous rights and Environmental issues. I believe that there is a way these two things can help one another. When we discussed about all the issues on the Navajo Nation, I felt as if we need to do something. In the Mexica game we had to communicate and come to an agreement on what to do as a family/community. We as a community can help it by communicating with each other so we can benefit our society. When we do this we then can have less issues because we all understand the problem!!28420470437_bffd16fd46_z28420239387_f093dce19e_z

Solving Big Problems: Blog Prompt Day 3

How can the concepts of communication and community that you practiced in Mexica Flower Wars with Hector help us solve some of the environmental and Indigenous rights issues that you discussed earlier in the day with Angela?

Think about the topics you presented on from your own communities with Angela.

Reflect on what you shared in the circle after Mexica Flower Wars.

Brainstorm! Get creative! Think out of the box!