Hey Everybody! I hope you are all doing well and settling in to take on the new school year! I heard, for those of you who went, that the College fair was awesome! WHAT ELSE DID YOU DO? I am sorry I couldn’t make it, I was attending a Pitzer Faculty(the professors) retreat talking about DIVERSITY and Affirmative Action Issues! Real complicated stuff (I’m still trying to figure it out! lol). I hope you got to meet Carlos! He is a Pitzer Freshman who will be helping Scott and I and will also be a mentor to all of you! Carlos is an awesome dude! There will be some more Pitzer Students this year that will be joining us on our Pipeline Journey! Please LOOK out for Announcements from Us about the SAT, Cal Grants, FAFSA, and More! I am eager to see you all soon!

I’M STILL NOT SURE!!???? -_-

I understand the fact that Sovereignty is about higher ultimate power or something like that… I’m not really sure exactly If I quite understand the whole concept of it.? Deron Marquez came to Pitzer for the second time as one of our teachers, and his main topic that he heavily tried to imprint on us was SOVEREIGNTY!!! I love to hear him speak…hahaha It was funny because he was telling everyone that we were all soooo quiet! I mean but It was basically only because we were trying to listen to everything he was saying, and I mean not just listening but taking in the depth of the point he was trying to get across. I believe he is a very experienced, intelligent, and a wise man who has a deep love for his culture. I believe another one of his points he was trying to get across was that his reason for sharing the history with our generation and others was to let people know that…. you need to know these things not to be angry or sad or to really express our feelings in such a way that it would not benefit us, but that it’s what we do with all the anger hate courage faith sadness and knowledge that we would channel it into a good and positive action that would help people, the world, our tribe. He said “It’s what you do with with those feelings, It’s how you channel those feelings that makes a difference!” – Deron Marquez. I reallly enjoy learning from him!!! Especially since I love History!!! 😀