Hey Everybody! I hope you are all doing well and settling in to take on the new school year! I heard, for those of you who went, that the College fair was awesome! WHAT ELSE DID YOU DO? I am sorry I couldn’t make it, I was attending a Pitzer Faculty(the professors) retreat talking about DIVERSITY and Affirmative Action Issues! Real complicated stuff (I’m still trying to figure it out! lol). I hope you got to meet Carlos! He is a Pitzer Freshman who will be helping Scott and I and will also be a mentor to all of you! Carlos is an awesome dude! There will be some more Pitzer Students this year that will be joining us on our Pipeline Journey! Please LOOK out for Announcements from Us about the SAT, Cal Grants, FAFSA, and More! I am eager to see you all soon!


I loved hearing Jessica and Janna’s (I hope I spelled your names right! <3) dad speak yesterday! I forgot how many similarities there are to my culture and the Hawaiian culture. For example: In my language we call our grandma tutu and so do Hawaiians! That as well as not interrupting others and not displaying rude behavior, not whistling at night because of bad spirits, acknowledging our elders presence, etc. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised (: I also thought Alex’s daughter was the cutest! 


I was also thinking about how much of a culture shock it is to be away from home and be with mixed cultures that aren’t the same as mine. Sometimes I have to hold back from getting really upset with people whistling at night, people’s different personalities/mindsets, and especially getting asked if I wanted to eat while I was helping with the fry bread. I’m progressively learning how to cope appropriately with situations such as these and I’m really proud of myself because I;m figuring it out on my own. I can see that being here is like being in the real world outside of home; There are going to be people who I can’t get along with or that are different from myself and I just have to understand that, deal with it, and move on. It’s all a learning experience and I’m happy with it.