I’M STILL NOT SURE!!???? -_-

I understand the fact that Sovereignty is about higher ultimate power or something like that… I’m not really sure exactly If I quite understand the whole concept of it.? Deron Marquez came to Pitzer for the second time as one of our teachers, and his main topic that he heavily tried to imprint on us was SOVEREIGNTY!!! I love to hear him speak…hahaha It was funny because he was telling everyone that we were all soooo quiet! I mean but It was basically only because we were trying to listen to everything he was saying, and I mean not just listening but taking in the depth of the point he was trying to get across. I believe he is a very experienced, intelligent, and a wise man who has a deep love for his culture. I believe another one of his points he was trying to get across was that his reason for sharing the history with our generation and others was to let people know that…. you need to know these things not to be angry or sad or to really express our feelings in such a way that it would not benefit us, but that it’s what we do with all the anger hate courage faith sadness and knowledge that we would channel it into a good and positive action that would help people, the world, our tribe. He said “It’s what you do with with those feelings, It’s how you channel those feelings that makes a difference!” – Deron Marquez. I reallly enjoy learning from him!!! Especially since I love History!!! 😀

today!! thursday, 28th

Today was pretty good! Last night we were playing around in Native Narnia and having a blast. Later in the day we had 2 classes. One was meeting some students from San Manuel (sorry if I spell it wrong 😦  ) and we played a game together and had a sort of writing exercise. our next class we had a guest  speaker, his name was Deron Marquez, and he talked a lot about sovereignty……i was really confused, but i learned a lot at the same time :D. and now i am blogging haha.

Oh, and since the actress/director, Georgina Lighting, wasn’t able to come but is able to view our blog, i have some questions for her!

First, How did you get into the acting career ?

Second, Did you always wanted to be an actress/director?

And Third, Do you have any pets?

– Christa

Discussion piece

Today during class with Deron we discussed about Sovereignty and I brought up a certain point that I thought I’d share with everyone. I felt that part of the reason for Europeans having viewed Natives as being savage and sub human was due to the Native Perspective of being just as important as the animals and every living thing on the Earth. That Native people still maintained their connection with the Earth as stewards of the land rather than just takers of resources. Like in European culture and still to this day America and most of the world has viewed itself, and human beings as being a separate entity from Nature, rather than acknowledging that we came from the Earth, that it is our Mother, and not simply a resource to be taken and used as we please. This is what I feel to be true, if you have any questions regarding my perspective on this issue, or if I was not clear enough, then feel free to ask questions. And just be sure to tell me how you feel about this, what your point of view is, etc.
I want to see some comments or posts people GO GO GO.

Sharing and Indian Politics

Today we were about to share a class with other people, Mr. Deron Marquez taught us about sovereignty… well I don’t know much about that term but it was showed in many ways (which I didn’t get as much), I seen a short clip that Indians weren’t allowed to govern themselves and so forth. So why can a tribe can make treaties but not the federal government? that I don’t remember as much ;3
~Jessica Chang~