My Glory Day

Greetings and salutations.
(Haha a 80’s reference)

Hello my fellow peers. You may not know me but…. I may not know you either. so its a win-win kind of situation. well let me explain, the reason why I came to this pipeline program was to learn more about marine biology and developing essays to send to colleges. My favorite part of the day is lunch and dinner. because I am always hungry.

Tuesday July 11th                                                                                                         – Marisa Sosa


So farrr

I’ve enjoyed meeting most of the other people here — including our lovely mentors! Some of you I haven’t gotten to talk to yet but we still have 11 days to go sooo I still have time (:

I also enjoyed the sheep brain lab and the history class the most. I am looking forward to, as well as worried about, working with the cadavers tomorrow but hopefully it won’t be as bad as everyone makes it seem.