Deez fooz

Oh my gosh! It’s the last day, this is so weird! No me gusta :[

I’m going to miss seeing every single one of you every day. You were all such awesome, supportive and fun people to be around. I learned a lot from each and every one of you and I’m glad to have met you and learned about your cultures and where you came from. I had so much fun and I hope to see you all again. I’m glad most of you live nearby haha we should all meet up at one of the pow wows or something!




Also, I went to the sweat lodge last night and it was the most amazing experience. I’m proud of myself for lasting all 4 rounds! I can’t wait to go again, I am so grateful to the ones that allowed us to sweat with them and gave us that amazing opportunity and especially to Tony Certa who lead us. We were in good hands, I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to have them as our friends and teachers.


Overall, I feel like I ended the program off perfectly. I can’t wait to make more memories with all of you on our last day. I’m going to cherish every last moment (:




Health Career Choices

Yesterday, the cadaver lab at Western confirmed my interests in the medical field. For a second I was questioning if nursing was where I belonged but now I know it’s not. I think I want to be a doctor. One of the med students pointed out my interest in the movement and muscles of the amputated leg  and suggested physical therapy. I liked that idea, I can add it to the many other things I hope to study. Maybe it isn’t the end of the world if I have to specialize in something. Maybe it is possible the I can do more than one thing. And maybe one day I won’t be so afraid of choosing one thing, maybe when I start studying medicine I’ll find my place.










Yesterday we had a pool party at Dr. Rega’s beautiful house! I’m so grateful that she let us into her home and allowed for us to have a truly amazing time.



But before that we went to the Pechanga reservation where they showed us the many cultural artifacts of their tribe. It was also my first time in a sweat lodge! Very exciting! I was super exhausted by the end of the day! But overall, their reservation inspired me to have as much as their tribe does, they seem very prosperous and I’m proud of them! 

The past few days have been very culturally informative. Yesterday we went to Los Angeles and identified many different types of traditional plants that were used for medicine and food. It made me think very differently about the way I am living my life now compared to how my ancestors once lived.

Also, Hula dancing was really fun, I’m glad that they have that part of their culture to share with us. The dance was very beautiful and it made me wish I could go back to Hawaii.

I liked this picture because of the confused look on my face. I am apparently no dancer!

Less than a week left

I’m sad that I came late because the time I spend here is going by even faster. It’s been fun so far, with all the dancing and singing. I really liked going to Western again and learning about how the body works and how it balances itself out in order to function. The way the body works is incredible.

I also finally got to go swimming and that combined with working in the garden gave me an awesome sunburn on my nose.

P.S. I’m never falling asleep in the grass again.

First Day Back


And I was surprised when I got to my dorm with some beautiful material to make a shawl laid on my bed. I’m almost finished!

Can’t wait to start my first full day and go to Western!

It feels good to be back (:

This week

I haven’t blogged in a while so this may be long!

We went to Universal Studios and I felt so dumb because I was like the only one that didn’t know and I got really excited! I went on the Mummy ride three times and the Haunted House twice. I’m pretty sure I almost lost my voice from all the screaming because it was hard speaking the next day.  Anyways, the tour was great! I had no idea there was so much to Universal Studios and now I can really appreciate all it has. It was fun, the city was absolutely stunning that day


Then we went to a museum and did some gardening the next day. Boy was that unexpected! We were hauling rocks and raking up leaves all day! My back was killing me after that and I was another shade darker from a combination of sun exposure (woohoo, tan!) and dirt (booo) but I was glad we contributed to a good cause.  It felt good being able to see how much progress we made after only three hours (and jumping in the pool afterwards!). I was also happy with how I learned about the many different ways I could use sage. I mean I knew it was great but wow! tea for colds!? Amazing!

Then we went to the Gene Autry Museum yesterday, which was amazing. I saw a lot of baskets from my tribe and pottery from my sister’s tribe, it made me miss her but just a little bit! I also saw some beadwork and it surprised how it was in such great shape for being so old; The people at the museum are doing a great job of preserving the artifacts that they have received from the various tribes.



I loved hearing Jessica and Janna’s (I hope I spelled your names right! <3) dad speak yesterday! I forgot how many similarities there are to my culture and the Hawaiian culture. For example: In my language we call our grandma tutu and so do Hawaiians! That as well as not interrupting others and not displaying rude behavior, not whistling at night because of bad spirits, acknowledging our elders presence, etc. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised (: I also thought Alex’s daughter was the cutest! 


I was also thinking about how much of a culture shock it is to be away from home and be with mixed cultures that aren’t the same as mine. Sometimes I have to hold back from getting really upset with people whistling at night, people’s different personalities/mindsets, and especially getting asked if I wanted to eat while I was helping with the fry bread. I’m progressively learning how to cope appropriately with situations such as these and I’m really proud of myself because I;m figuring it out on my own. I can see that being here is like being in the real world outside of home; There are going to be people who I can’t get along with or that are different from myself and I just have to understand that, deal with it, and move on. It’s all a learning experience and I’m happy with it.


I was aware of the stereotypes mascots portrayed before watching “In Whose Honor?” but it hit me way harder to actually see it going on. I’m glad to see a Native American women fight for our rights to not have our tradition and history mocked by ignorant bystanders; All in all, it was very empowering and inspirational to my heart. I hope one day I can come close to making the impact on society that Charlene Teters has.

I can’t wait to go to college to learn more about this stuff!!!