Pechanga Grant Awarded to Pipeline Program



Dear Pipeline Community,

We are happy to announce that we have recently received a generous grant from Pechanga’s Tribal Council to support this year’s Pipeline Program.

We are grateful for their support, as it means that we are able to continue to provide the Pipeline experience to our new and returning students; the 3-day camping trip at the Wishtoyo’s Chumash Cultural Village in Malibu, visiting the Hawaiian Gardens Powwow and Bear Ceremony, meeting Dr Lori Alvord, the first woman Diné surgeon, the SAT Prep intensive taught by a certified instructor, and the visit to FNX Studios.

This year’s Program will be a wonderful experience. Once again, we thank the Pechanga Tribal Council for their vision in supporting Native educational access and programs.

Scott Scoggins, MA

Pipeline Director

Official Press Release from the Native Arts and Culture Foundation

Media Contact: Amy M. Echo-Hawk; 360-314-2421,
Vancouver, Wash. – Through its California Bridge Initiative: Arts + Health program, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) has awarded four California non-profits $10,000 for projects to enhance the health of Native youth through art. The foundation awarded a total of $40,000 to the Cultural Conservancy, Dancing Earth Creations, the Native American Health Center of Oakland and Pitzer College.
“The organizations awarded 2013 California Bridge Initiative Arts + Health grants have planned innovative ways to address physical health and well-being of Native youth through the creation of artwork or participation in arts practice,” explained foundation Program Director Reuben Roqueñi.
To promote healthy indigenous communities, the Cultural Conservancy protects native lands, nurtures the revitalization of endangered songs and documents traditional knowledge. Their Native Youth Media, Arts and Cultural Health Project will reconnect Native youth with waterways and teach traditional arts including building tule boats, songs and protocols related to waterways and carving canoe paddles. Their goal is for youth to gain an increase in emotional health and cultural vitality through this project.
Dancing Earth Creations is a dance theater company committed to mentoring emerging artists and providing opportunities for the next generation of indigenous dancers to learn dance production, administration and every aspect of their art. Through the Waters of Wellness program funded by NACF, Native youth in four different sites in California will engage in dance and movement activities designed to promote exercise and discuss nutrition while learning about the preservation of Native waterways.
Oakland’s Native American Health Center provides the five-county Bay-area Native community with healthcare to maintain and build their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being with respect for their unique cultural traditions. The foundation’s award funds their Resiliency Mural Project to provide Native youth with afterschool mentorship from mural artist Daniel Rodriguez. The muralists will draw thematic elements from the history of relocation and the occupation of Alcatraz on four murals while attending healthy lifestyle training.
Pitzer College, located in Claremont, Calif., is an interdisciplinary liberal arts institution with an emphasis on social justice, environmental sensitivity and intercultural understanding in its curriculum. Pitzer’s Native American Summer Pipeline Program is a two-week on-campus college life experience designed to inspire Native high-school with the motivation to graduate. Hosted in association with Western University of Health Sciences, Pipeline curriculum includes academic and creative writing, computer literacy, multidisciplinary arts workshops and a class on Health Sciences and Native American Community Wellness.
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation has awarded $1,382,000 in grants to 71 Native artists and organizations in 20 states. Created in 2009, after decades of visioning among the nation’s first peoples with assistance from the Ford Foundation and others, NACF is a national charity dedicated to supporting the revitalization, appreciation and perpetuation of Native arts and cultures. To learn more about the foundation’s grantmaking mission, visit

2013 Pipeline Applications Are Out!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the application’s for Pitzer’s Native American Summer Pipeline to College Program 2013 are out!

The Applications can be found by clicking the page marked “2013 Applications”

Both the Mentor and Student Applications are there.

Please fill one out or pass them along to someone who may.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Director, Scott Scoggins, at

Diabetes Walk – October 27th

Hello Pipeline Family!

One of our big events is coming up on October 27th: The Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes Event in LA! It is a national diabetes walk, with walks happening all across the nation. We are teaming up with Western University for the Diabetes Walk. Please join us to raise funds and support for diabetes, an problem that has especially affected Native communities. We would love to see all of our Pipeline family out and participating on October 27th! If you plan to attend the actual walk, please RSVP to or Scott’s email.

I have included directions below on how to join.


Step Out Walk Diabetes: How to Sign up

Go to:

Scroll down and click the state of California on the map of the U.S.

A box will pop up with event names and dates.

Find and click the one that says: Los Angeles, CA, October 27th

You will end up here:

On the left side, under participate, click Join an Existing Team.

The Team Company is: Western University

The Team Division is: Corporate.

Our Team is Western U American Indian Health Career Ladder and Scott Scoggins is our Team Leader

Click join team or click our team name and it will direct you to our team homepage where there is a big button on the right that says join.

Once you have signed up, Welcome to the Pipeline Diabetes Walk Team!!

P.S. If you are a participant and have diabetes, you can sign up to be a Red Strider! A Red Strider is a walk participant who has type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. All Red Striders will receive an online badge on their personal webpage and a FREE recognition gift on walk day. As a Red Strider you are a VIP because YOU are the reason we walk. You will also be given your own personalized webpage to tell your story and raise funds for the walk.

Another dat at The Big P


the record alley

Another day in The Native Pipeline Program, yesterday we got to sleep in for a longer time and that was so good and relaxing. We had a mixed up schedule but it was still fun we learned about the Hawaiian culture. We also learned how to make Indian Fried Bread that was very delicious and it just makes me feel like my grandmas home. Then, we went to go to do some salsa dancing and yoga which is very tiring and mind-relaxing. I also have to say I drew some drawings that took a bit of time but it was worth it because i know i put all my time and effort into it. 

Today we went for a walk to the market and i got to see a lot of the area and the amazing sites they have. While we were walking around i seen a lot of things: movies, stores, restaurants, salons, banks, and music shops. I was very interested in the music shop and i went to check it out there was all kinds of stuff in there i liked it a lot. Great music of all kinds i thought it was very cool. I also seen flowers everywhere and i decided to pick some and i got a rose and it smelled beautiful i think i might want to be botanist.