Another good day at Pitzer by Benjamin

We started off the morning with Hector and John, once again they taught us their knowledge about self defense. Learning these new techniques are going to be very helpful in the future. Before lunch happened I actually got to play basketball with all my friends for a good 10 mins. Lunch was great and it filled me up. Shelva taught us how to write and it’s helping me go to the next level. Vincente taught us the Aztec math again. It was a great class, it’s wonderful to hear the knowledge he speaks. The history of math was a good class, I learned things that I never knew before. Social Movements was an inspiring class because it taught me how to stand up for my culture/religion. Today was another good day, can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Benjamin is back Pitzer!!

Being back at Pitzer is nice but I miss Wishtoyo. We started off the morning with Hector and John, we all played the best game in the world. The game was a good way to start off the morning. I had a good time with Shelva with writing. Aztec math was once again the best activity, Vincente has so much knowledge to teach us and we love to hear his words. I had such a great day back at Pitzer.

Benjamin’s first time at Wishtoyo

1st day

My very first day at Wishtoyo was very awesome! The people there greeted us, as we came in, with songs and hugs. I felt very welcomed to be there. The view of everything was very beautiful. We all went to the beach after 2 hours of settling into our tents. The beach was nice, the water felt good to my feet and legs. A hour went by and we all came back to camp all wet. We celebrated Auntie Julia’s birthday, it was nice. I saw some new faces but didn’t get to talk to them. As we ate dinner, we listened to Kat’s amazing song. Her song/voice gave everyone chills. After all of this my friends and I took a group picture, it came out really nice. I made some new memories thereat Wishtoyo.


2nd and 3rd day

The two days combined was very fun, we basically did the same thing. Woke up at 7:30 for the morning ceremony, ate Nana’s delicious food, and did the best activities. We went to the beach and surfed, it was the best time. I had so much fun at Wishtoyo, can’t wait to go there next year again!!35222657403_e6e879614b_z

Another day of fun by Benjamin

Today we started off the morning with Hector and John, it was a good way to start the day off. We learned strategies for a game we are going to play tomorrow. The game sounds really exciting and I can’t wait for it! Another thing we did was learn how to do division on the Nepohualtzintzin ( I think that’s how you spell it). That class is always interesting, learning new things every day. Kandonache let us take the Nepohualtzintzin back with us. It is a fun tool to use. The best activity was weaving baskets at the talking circle. It was my  first time weaving a basket, it took me a while to get the sequence but I eventually got the hang of it. My basket turned out pretty nice for my first time. Everyone was having fun doing it. Today was another fun day here at Pitzer College. 35559771170_8e1e469129_z

Benjamin: The blanket exercise

The exercise was a teaching moment, learning the true history of the Firsts Nations people from Nanaimo. All of us had to stand on a blanket, which represented land for the people. Sylvia walked around the room reading a paper and as she read that, we all has scripts that followed a sequence to go along with the story. When she read about the land being taken, she folded the blanket and we had to stand on the blanket. So the smaller is got , the closer the people on it had to be. That was showing us how the land was getting smaller and smaller for the tribes that lived there. We found out about how they took the children for families and forced for adoption, this was called the 60’s scoop. When the kids went to boarding school, they were beaten or yelled at for speaking their language.We learned how the land was taken from them and how hard it was for the people that needed to relocate. As the people relocated, deaths accorded. The people weren’t near their natural hunting grounds, many diseases, and hundreds were killed by the intruders. Soon after this the activity was over. At the end of the activity we all sat in a circle to talk about how the activity affected us. Many had very strong stories and had lots in tears because of it. This experience brought all of us closer to each other, we have bonded really well these past days. The activity makes me want to keep learning about my culture, learning the language, songs, and the truth. This trip has been really fun, learning new things everyday, meeting new people, and making new friends.

Benjamin’s movie review of “Spirit Game”

The heart-warming movie “Spirit Game” was an amazing movie about the history of the Iroquois Tribe that was never told. It showed us how the Lacrosse team was turned down to play in many games, but they never gave up on making it. The film inspired me to keep going and there will be many obstacles but you can overcome it. The movie was amazing, Gale Anne Kelley did such a great job!

Benjamin’s first day!

My first day was filled with overwhelming feelings. Many new people i have met today, new cultures too. Everyone treated me nice and i am really enjoying my stay. The food was great, games were fun. Getting to know new people was the best part! I made some friends, waiting to make some more. I can’t wait for the future of the trip. 35029291144_8ac5340230_z (1)