A Whole Week Gone By

A week has gone by at Pipeline Program, I am having the best time meeting all these new people and learning all these new facts. Yesterday we went to Universal Studios and met the people from NBC, which had a lot of great advice to give to us for opportunities. We also got on the rides that was terrific i had a blast it was like a very special day and i felt like I got a little closer to people such as: Alex(boy), Alex(girl), Becca, Jana, Manuel, Sky, and Jackie. It was very tiring after the whole trip ended i just felt like going to sleep and relaxing. I liked that opportunity I would like to thank Scott  a lot because he does so much for us to teach us something new.

Another dat at The Big P


the record alley

Another day in The Native Pipeline Program, yesterday we got to sleep in for a longer time and that was so good and relaxing. We had a mixed up schedule but it was still fun we learned about the Hawaiian culture. We also learned how to make Indian Fried Bread that was very delicious and it just makes me feel like my grandmas home. Then, we went to go to do some salsa dancing and yoga which is very tiring and mind-relaxing. I also have to say I drew some drawings that took a bit of time but it was worth it because i know i put all my time and effort into it. 

Today we went for a walk to the market and i got to see a lot of the area and the amazing sites they have. While we were walking around i seen a lot of things: movies, stores, restaurants, salons, banks, and music shops. I was very interested in the music shop and i went to check it out there was all kinds of stuff in there i liked it a lot. Great music of all kinds i thought it was very cool. I also seen flowers everywhere and i decided to pick some and i got a rose and it smelled beautiful i think i might want to be botanist.

“In Whose Honor? : American Indian Mascots Sports”

“In Whose Honor? : American Indian Mascots Sports” by Jay Rosenstein Featuring Charlene Teters (spokane) was a very heart-touching and shocking thing for me to see. I disliked how they treated her and how they pulled her hair, threw thing at her, spit on her, and called her names. I can see and feel how Charlene feels its so hurtful and i don’t think you could get over something so traumatizing like this. Although all this happened i liked how charlene stood up for what she believed in and took a strong stand not backing down. She even even got calls and death threats from people and her children sometimes had to face this problem with her. I also hated the people and their stereotypes because they weren’t true they were just all wrong and they think they know a little bit of knowledge because they’ve seem a movie or read a history book.

1). At What point did you think about giving up and stop what you were doing?

2). What kind of questions did your children ask you when you were going through the bad emotions and feelings?How did they feel?


July 27, 2011, was a terrific night i would probably say one of the best. I met some musician name Karen  and my buddies and I had a talk with her and she has a nice voice and knows how to play the ukulele. We played “ninjas” while i was hunting rabbits once again and i always get close to catching one they are just to fast. We also hid from the mentors it lasted a long time and we had fun time well i did alteast even though we did take a little bit advantage of the mentors. We came back in the dorms and i got a call from my friend which we talked for a good thirty minutes and after than my baby brother tried to called because he said he missed me. I stayed up pretty late talking even though i didn’t get to talk to my brother but it was fun.

Western University

Today, The Native Pipeline traveled to Western University of Health Science to go see the human anatomy, but I couldn’t watch it because i wasn’t old enough. Although, i couldn’t see the human anatomy i did get to a see a veterinarian lab and the school campus which is very amazing and i love there art work that they have there. I learned a whole lot about bones, muscles, and reflex points. I also learned about massages and how the muscles are used to work together and relax the body  it is very interesting but I am still sticking to mechanical engineering.

Painter Statues
i like these statues because they look so realisticdoctor tools