Diego’s Trip


While I was away I saw a few new things such as a Blue Whale, Dolphins, traveling long distances on a boat, snorkeling, and even being sea sick. At Wishtoyo I enjoyed being there and making happy memories with everyone. When we traveled to Limuw Island I enjoyed going for a run with a few friends while everyone else drove. During that run I really enjoyed how everything seemed peace full. On the island we also went hiking to a beach that was amazing it was a lot of fun for everyone. 28755579875_5e9b41e4f9_z.jpg

Diego’s Traditions

One thing I would like to put on an altar is something that resembles the moon. My grandpa pasted away almost two years ago and when ever I see a moon I think of him. He would joke around with me as I was growing up that he was going to send me to the moon. A tradition I have with my family is every Easter we go to my grandmas for Easter. We as a family get together to have a egg hunt through the whole front and back year. One tradition I would like to have is to have a run with friends and family early in the mornings  of holidays and special occasions.



Diego’s 5th Day

This morning we learned how to do a game called The Chicken Dance. We held one foot up with one hand and interlocked our other hand with our partner. The first one to fall or let go of their foot lost. This really brought us closer and we learned how to thank each other after each game. Later we came to the computer lab and looked up scholarships we can apply for to get money for when we start college. Two of my friends and I found an easy scholarship that we applied for in class. Next we meet with a college professor and learned a little about the history of the haudenosaunee. We went to Western University and first we were handling organs. We were learning about what side of the organs is bigger and smaller. We felt hearts that had cancer and you could see black spots on the top of it. Next we went to see a virtual cadavers on a new type of technology. I think the future for medical school but they still need to add a few more features. One thing I asked about was if they had different bodys to look at because not every human body is the same. I think with in 10 years the technology will be way more advanced than it is now. When we left we headed to where our mentor Belmont lived in college. We got a machete and went back to Pitzer to make a banana tree that was already out of the ground into composed. We went crazy on the tree slashing it over and over again. At the end of the day we went to theater and we shared a tradition with a partner and then made gestures with each other of what their story meant with us.

Diego’s 4th Day

This morning started with me waking up at 4:30 to take a shower even though our first activity didn’t start till 6:45. At 6:45 we took some traditional training with passing sticks around and then blocking attacks. After breakfast brainstormed about a topic for an essay to fit the common application. I wrote about beach pollution and brainstormed my ideas. Next we had a presentation on scholarships and learned that there are basically  unlimited scholarships for us to find. In the middle of the day we shot arrows with Elder Marcus then made mesquiet pancakes. Lastly tonight we made an altar with items  that meant a lot of us. It was a every interesting activity and even those who didn’t speak, it felt that we all learned a lot about each other.28513901366_eb06339313_z-2

Diego’s 3rd Day

Today was a really interesting day that stared with a traditional game named Flower Wars. we had teams try to protect a staff from the other team by not letting them touch the staff holders head. After our fun game we learned some tips of how we should construct our essays. After we brainstorm ideas for an essay to fit a common application standards well. Next we looked up colleges and looked at their graduation rates and causes we would like to take there. We had a talk with Joe Parker talking about the struggle with natives in Mexico who had to fight extremely hard for rights that were wrongfully taken. They were really smart and thought of ideas to keep them save while making their point hear loud and clear! We also had a talk with Elder Saginaw Grant who had inspirational words for us along with stories.  One thing that really stuck with me and meant a lot was just to take times to enjoy things, You don’t have to rush through everything because you can miss alot of stuff that might be really awesome to see or discover.

Diego’s 2nd Day

Today I woke up early to play traditional games. We were pushing energy through each other with a form of martial arts. We made baskets from Juncos. It was simple and easy but you had to make sure you paid attention of what your shape is forming from out of it. We had the chance to see glowing c elegans up close. It was awesome to see how their muscles glow when you take out the light. We learned how natives have been attacked through film history and how others have gained on the false images of natives. Natives were given the chance to stand up when film became cheaper to make. They shared their own images on themselves and was able to bring back their language by teaching it to their children as their main language. After the day we were able to release ourselves in theater where we all expressed ourselves with our our jesters.


Diegos 1st Day


Today I learned how to make a clapping stick and really got into theater. We were able to express ourselves in a fun way with new friends. I learned a lot about my peers here at Pitzer today. I feel these two upcoming weeks are really something to look forward to and expect a lot from this program.

Diego’s Bio

Hello, my name is Diego and I attend Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory. I live in Los Angeles and I am going into my Junior year of high school. I enjoy running as a part of my indgenous running group which goes by the name Soaring Eagles. Last summer I studied a broad and learned about the Chinese culture. I was really excited and my trip really opened my mind to other cultures than my own. I care much about our oceans and and dedicated to helping out be sharing to others all the effects it has on our ocean and what we can do. After I learned all the affects of beach solution I decided to make this my topic for my personal project.


Diego Perez