Spirit Game was good

This movie was a very interesting to me because it talked about the relation to the old game played by the Iroquois. Lacrosse was the healing and friendship game between the Natives. This game was shared by all the countries. I was amazed on how the original players of the game were to good. The most important scenes that stood out to me where when the referee called bad plays on the Iroquois and the opposing team always won. History repeats its self. This movie was a big take away for me.


TyVon’s Review of “Spirit Game”

The movie Spirit Game was about the Iroquois playing the game Lacrosse a game that their ancestors have played for thousands of years but instead of playing people from their own area they take on teams on the international level which means playing against other countries. This movie had a strong effect on both the mind and body. As you watch this movie you instantly begin to feel their pride, determination and integrity throughout every second of the movie.

Kyle’s Movie review for Spirit Game: Pride of the Nation

Today was a great and blessed day. I was given the opportunity to experience watching a screening of the movie “Spirit Game: Pride of a nation”. This was very inspirational because it taught me the lesson of patience. The movie displayed patience by showing that the even though the native lacrosse players went through many losses, they were still never defeated within their spirit. This is a great lesson because it shows that no matter how hard the situation is, you should never give up on yourself and your spirit. Gale Ann Kelley is an amazing producer and did a great job on this documentary. I thank the creator for allowing me to see this wonderful movie.

Spirit game pride of a nation movie by Isaac

the movie was good. i really liked it. i would like to learn more about the game. i want to play. it looks really fun. the movie was really good. they talked about how they played and how long they played. they have been playing for a while. they ancestors have been playing it since 1890. they used it for medicine, not to be a sport were they just played to hurt people. i would like to get the movie and watch it again.

Spirit Game Movie Review By Marissa.A

Today i watched the movie Spirit Game: Pride Of The Nation, and as soon as the movie started i could not stop watching. The movie was intense and overall interesting. The Producer of the movie (Gale), did an incredible job. I Cant imagine how much work and effort all of the cast crew put into this film. The over all review is that i can watch this film over and over until i’m blind.

  • Marissa Aranda

Johanna – Day One of Knowledge

Hello, I would like to quickly introduce myself and let all of you get to know me just a bit. I am Johanna Osuna, an upcoming senior at Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America. Being in an indigenous school for the past thirteen years, I have always been taught the traditions, culture, and language from the Mexica People. I never really knew my own nation or people because both sides of my family are fully mexican and never considered themselves natives, but I recently discovered that in Sinaloa, Mexico there are three tribes; Yaqui, Pima, and Mayo Indian. So from now on, I considered myself those three tribes, but I will still continue to discover more and more about each tribe and get to receive information to understand more about my ancestors. 

Today on July 11, 2017, was my first day attending the Native Youth to College Program at Pitzer College. I was so excited to attend this program for the past two years, because last year I was not able to attend. Being here today, in just one day I can say that this program is going to be such a helpful resource to get myself into a great university but also learn about everyone’s culture and possibly share a bit about my culture. 

Today, we learned different exercises in the theatre room to get a bit more comfortable with each other even though some of us were still shy but others got really comfortable really quick. Our next workshop was with one of the elders from the program, Julia. During her workshop we created clapping sticks and got the chance to decorate our own. Next workshop was also with Julia, but in this workshop we got to present a bit about ourselves and share about one person in our life that we go to for love, support, and care. 

I am glad I have received this opportunity to connect with so many different native youth leaders and have a head start in my road to a higher education. I am excited to see what the rest of the program has planned for us and to meet and connect with these native youth leaders. 

always happy, Johanna Osuna

Christine’s First Day

Hey everyone I wanted to just quickly introduce myself and tell you all about my wonderful first day at pitzer college. My name is Christine Estudillo a student at Anahuacalmecac University of Preporatory of North America and a this is my first year at the Native 2 Youth College Pitzer College Program. I am very energetic and hope to use all of that energy during this 2 week program.

My First day at Pitzer I was amazed by how far away people came from just to be here and to participate in this program. I enjoyed seeing all these people share there indigenous backgrounds and seeing how we all are different yet we are still connected in many ways. I was very nervous in the beginning but throughout the day I gained confidence and I got to meet so many different people and find a connection with them in some way. We did activities from Theatre to a talking circle where we all shared who are rocks /role models are and even did a hand on activity by making clapping sticks. I would like to say that my favorite part of the day would have to be Theater because that was were I was able to loosen up a bit and finally get to meet so many people. Over the next few weeks I would love to learn more about my peers cultures and as well as learn to create something new every day.

Peace and Love Christine

Welcome, Students!

Mentors and Staff in Cahuilla territory for mentor training hosted by Mr. Kim Marcus.

Hello friends, both new and old!

My name is Genna Kules and I will be your media mentor this summer. My role is to photograph and document the activities we do during the program. I will also be helping out with blogging and all things media-related.

I am from what is dominantly called the Washington, DC area, the original home to many indigenous communities including the Piscataway tribe. My ancestors are European, mostly Polish, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish, but have all been on this land for at least two generations, some much longer.

In the fall I will begin my fourth year of school at Pitzer College. I am a Media Studies major focusing in video production and participatory media, and a Spanish minor.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with the NY2C program this summer. I cannot wait to meet everyone tomorrow!

Diego’s 2nd Day

Today I woke up early to play traditional games. We were pushing energy through each other with a form of martial arts. We made baskets from Juncos. It was simple and easy but you had to make sure you paid attention of what your shape is forming from out of it. We had the chance to see glowing c elegans up close. It was awesome to see how their muscles glow when you take out the light. We learned how natives have been attacked through film history and how others have gained on the false images of natives. Natives were given the chance to stand up when film became cheaper to make. They shared their own images on themselves and was able to bring back their language by teaching it to their children as their main language. After the day we were able to release ourselves in theater where we all expressed ourselves with our our jesters.


Blog Post for Saturday July 23rd

Today was a very full day.

Pomona Museum with visiting Elder Lori Sisquoc – reflect on your visit to the  collection.  What are your thoughts about this type of archive of artifacts and what people might learn from them?

Tory Mudd presented about stereotypical depictions of Native Americans in film by Hollywood directors – what are your responses to her talk?

Pamela Peters talked about her work  “Legacy of Exiled Ndnz” – as a counter to balance stereotypical images of Native Americans – what is your response to her work?

How can we respond to stereotypes that we encounter in films?


How can  we respond to the invisibility of Indigenous Peoples mainstream media and films?

Briefly describe a movie or story would you like to tell/produce.