Natalie – My First Day (Post 1)


I’m Natalie, I’m an urban indigenous youth born and raised in Los Angeles. 

Today was my first day in participating in a two week native program. I was looking forward to a fun day, and the program already exceeded my expectations. I’m excited for the next two weeks and I can’t wait to build stronger relationships with my peers!29379046278_081315d668_z42530462614_815ebc6ce7_z42530906714_b58f668691_z42530908754_0e180d15d9_z


Jarrod’s First Day….Again

Today, was fun actually. I know that today was a bit hard because I had to say bye to my loved ones. I also love that i was forced to get off my lazy bum and actually do something and meet new people. I already love everyone in this environment because everyone seems easy going and not menacing. Most of the stuff was just talking to each other and getting to know each other. The ice breaker was the whole group making up a story and having each person remember all the parts. Over all the day was really good.

Back at Pitzer

Today i woke up very tired. After I had indigenous games I was very much pumped up and ready for the day. Today was a very chill and relaxed day. The rising senior ME went to Pomona college and we where with the people from the admissions office. They talked about the common app and gave me very valuable information and hope to contacting them soon to help me build my common app. We ended our day well besides this with a drumming circle. Held by Josie Montes it was a memory to remember. We learned so many songs and learned about there meanings. The best part was when we sang the humming bird song and just s few seconds later a hummingbird was buzzing around us. Such a wonderful day we had now its time to end because i’m really tired.

A trip to the Place of the Rainbow

In the Chumash language, Wishtoyo means Rainbow. When arriving to the place of the Rainbow, I heard such beautiful voices coming from the entrance way. I seen Mati, Luhui, Sarah and the rest of their family with such big and wide smiles. I felt like crying when seeing such wonderful people once more. After getting off the van, I witness such positive energy and a great aura emanating from them. Once they sang to us, I went up to every single person and hugged them with so much joy, that it was overwhelming. Then we had a ceremony for our arrival to Wishtoyo that gave such a good feeling and positive energy. Hearing the voice of Mati and sharing his teachings, made me feel at home. Wishtoyo does feel like a second home.

Throughout the day of arrival, spent a lot of time settling into our tents and the feel of the place. That same day, Joe Clues showed us Sacred Geometry that interested me to be involved in. He taught me how to the Geometry is involved and connected to patterns and things in the universe. Since I have such a great love for mathematics and the universe, I was one hundred percent focused on his words and what he was teaching me. I spent the first night of sleep outside looking at the stars with my friend Cuauhtli and opening up to each other like I’ve never done before. The sound of the ocean was so soothing and beautiful that it made the even better.

The next day, I made a necklace using a plant called Yaka. I hit the plant with a rock until the strands of fibers started to show and part. Then, I pulled the strands of fiber apart in half and began to time the strands of fibers into a necklace. I was unable to decorate the necklace, but I did finish and let it dry. Again, we had another class of Sacred Geometry that taught even more. At the end of day, I went to the bottom of Wishtoyo where we created a fire with rocks for sweat ceremony. It took about two to three hours for the rocks to get fully heated. We entered the area for the sweat ceremony. The first round began and it felt good but very hot at the same time. We sang and had prayers which made me feel united with everyone in there. I excited after the first round but I felt like I could’ve lasted more. The ceremony did not end until around six the next morning. I only had about two hours of which made me feel tired and exhausted throughout the rest of the day. When we left, I felt so sad but so happy to have gone to Wishtoyo and been around the elders and everyone else.



My Glory Day

Greetings and salutations.
(Haha a 80’s reference)

Hello my fellow peers. You may not know me but…. I may not know you either. so its a win-win kind of situation. well let me explain, the reason why I came to this pipeline program was to learn more about marine biology and developing essays to send to colleges. My favorite part of the day is lunch and dinner. because I am always hungry.

Tuesday July 11th                                                                                                         – Marisa Sosa


Today was completely unknown. I was unable to attend the first day of last year’s program. Today made me more comfortable than I already was. Sadly my family were not able to attend the orientation because of work, but their were there in spirit giving me positive energy. It was good seeing my friends and familiar faces from last year, but was good seeing new faces that I could now get know. It was good seeing Elder Vicente presenting the Nepuhuatzintzin, a tool that is very familiar to me which is being taught at my school. It was a good feeling to know that a part of my culture is going to implemented into program in the future.

The theater session with Professor Lu was a very fun and interactive experience that allowed to become more comfortable with the new students attending. Every activity helped me start to build bonds with the people I worked with and hopefully with the rest of people who in the program. It really excited me to do the mirror activity with someone who I hadn’t talked to or interacted with, so it was really heart warming to copy and lead with my partner. Then unfortunately my clapping stick broke and I ran out of time to make another one. But I became happy when we had a talk group and shared what our rock was. Everyone’s rock was about someone or something that gives them happiness or the influence that made them who they are today.  Today was a really good First First Day.





Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.08.32 PM.png

Packing List – 2017 Native Youth to College

Luggage Policy: Due to space limitations, all participants are allowed a maximum of two (2) pieces of luggage. This is a strict policy and the Native Youth to College Program will not be responsible for paying any luggage fees incurred by participants. A sleeping bag and bedding (Sheets, blankets, pillows, etc) are required.

Pitzer’s dormitory-style living quarters feature a bed, mattress, desk, chair, shelves, closet and set of drawers. At Wishtoyo, plan to layer clothing, as weather conditions tend to change from cool and damp in the mornings to bright, warm, and windy during the afternoons. On the trip to Wishtoyo, students will only be allowed to bring one (1) bag and a backpack.

All students will need to bring the following:
Very Important – Do Not Forget!
● Plastic Camping plate/cup/utensils – (dollar store has good options, it doesn’t have to be camping quality)
● A blanket or sleeping bag
● INHALERS if you have asthma/allergies!!!
● Necessary Medications

● Extra-long twin size sheets
● A pillow
● A towel
● Bathing suit
● Body soap/shampoo/conditioner
● Toothbrush/toothpaste
● Sunblock, personal, and feminine hygiene items
● Water Bottle
● Quarters for Laundry
● Hat
● Sunglasses & Regular Glasses and their cases
● Contact lenses and solution, case
● Closed toed Shoes (like Sneakers) – Required for WesternU!
● Flip Flops
● Day Pack or Backpack for supplies like notebooks, etc.
● Notebook, pens, pencils
● Regalia (Optional)
● Clothing appropriate for the program. This means no ripped clothing, nothing see-through, nothing with offensive writing or images, nothing too revealing or inappropriate (this means no mini skirts, too low tops, very baggy pants, etc.)